New version of XML::FOAF in CPAN

Programming — danbri @ 11:22 am

Ben Trott has uploaded version 0.02 of XML::FOAF to CPAN. This is a Perl module designed to make it easier for programmers to work with FOAF documents. It builds upon the RDF::Core module from Ginger Alliance and can use Crypt::OpenPGP to check digitally signed FOAF files. Version 0.02 of XML::FOAF adds autodiscovery support. The documentation shows how to load FOAF from a URI, which can either be a directly named FOAF file, or an HTML page which references a FOAF file using the following markup:

<link rel=”meta” type=”application/rdf+xml” title=”FOAF” href=”” />

See Ben’s earlier Fun with FOAF article for more examples of usage and potential applications.

All Your FOAF

Applications,Programming — danbri @ 1:54 pm

The All Your FOAF toy indexing tool has been rewritten in Ruby. The original was a standalone short Perl script that showed how a Web of RDF documents can be explored using pretty simple code. The Ruby re-write uses the RubyRDF library, and has a nicer architecture.
See ayf.rb for the main code, myScutter.rb for an example crawler that uses it, and who.rb for a 25 line demo script that shows a custom crawler-based app (sample output).


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