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There are a couple of FOAF-related events coming up in Europe. Hope to see you there!
FOAF Camp, 19-20 August 2004, Campus UTwente, The Netherlands.
1st Workshop on Friend of a Friend, Social Networking and the Semantic Web, 1-2nd September 2004, Galway, Ireland.
FOAFCamp will be hacker-oriented and relatively freeform, while the Galway event invites paper and demo submissions (get writing!) and will have more structure. Loosly, the former is a gathering of the kinds of folk who find FOAF interesting, while the latter meeting is more explicitly about FOAF and social network technology. The two meetings, although particularly the latter, will help establish a roadmap for the future of FOAF over the next year or so. Both should be fun :)


  1. FOAF workshop and camp

    The first “Workshop on Friend of a Friend, Social Networking and the Semantic Web” will take place in Galway, Ireland, on 1-2 September 2004. They are looking for position statements and demonstration descriptions (to be submitted no later than 22nd…

    Comment by we make money not art — 2004-07-05 @ 1:47 pm
  2. Mining Passive Social Networks

    Marc Canter pointed to an upcoming conference, the 1st Workshop on Friend of a Friend, Social Networking, and the Semantic Web (also mentioned at RDFWeb and Danny Ayers). I wasn’t sure about a conference focusing primarily on Friend of a Friend, but l…

    Comment by Practical RDF — 2004-07-19 @ 5:54 pm

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