Consolidating issue tracking (Bugzilla to Wiki migration)

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The FOAF developer site ( has a number of useful, but overlapping facilities to support the development of FOAF and related projects. In fact, there are too many. We use IRC chat, weblogs, Wiki and email for communication; each has its value, but it is sometimes not clear where to look to figure out what’s going on. One tool we have used in a half-hearted way, but which hasn’t really caught on, is Bugzilla. We’re therefore in process of shutting down our Bugzilla database and migrating the content across into the Wiki.

Bugzilla is great for large, collaborative software projects such as Mozilla. For the FOAF spec, it was overkill. and discouraging since it required you to set up and remember a password before scribbling notes in the issue-tracking system.

I’ve started a page in the Wiki as a replacement IssueTracker. The content isn’t fully migrated out of the Bugzilla system yet, and the template/layout/etc may change. But hopefully this gives us one less place for information to hide away, and better integration with the other FOAF documentation that lives in the FOAF wiki.


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